Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day: love in motion

We kept this little video stored away carefully so we could bring it out and share it with you today. It features a very crafty and original way to tell your story and leave that special person completely gobsmacked.

We hope it will bring a smile to your face. Let us know if any of you decide to do something similar :)

Have a nice day

Monday, 11 February 2013

Fun on film - a humorous slant on hipsters

We just wanted to share an amusing video with you to start the week off on the right foot. Fashion Film is by Matthew Frost and Lizzy Caplan and it very cleverly ridicules all the usual clich├ęs seen in fashion films, adverts and photography. It's actually a promotional advert for clothing brand Viva Vena and a very effective one at that. It sparked my curiosity in the store anyway. Hope you like it :)


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Nan Lawson

Although it was quite a while ago that I last moved house, I still have lots of framed pictures resting on furniture or on the floor, patiently awaiting their turn in the limelight :). One of them is by illustrator Nan Lawson, whose work I am fascinated by and have been following for many years. This illustrator from Los Angeles has a very unique style. It's melancholic, unpretentious and transmits a great sense of calm.

She has also produced some work inspired by a few of my favourite films like The Royal Tenenbaums or Where the Wild Things Are, and on top of all that she makes some great customised portraits.

I  won't let another week go by without hanging up my little sailor girl :)


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

DIY woven chain necklace

Christmas might have been and gone but let's hope 2013 holds plenty more excuses to get your glad rags on. Fancy outfits require fancy jewels, which are not always affordable or easy to find so let's start the year as we mean to go on with a bit of DIY action.

This is another great tutorial from HonestlyWTF that shows you how to make a woven chain necklace step by step. You can adapt it to add as many or as few chains and threads or beads as you like. The same idea could even be used for bracelets if you want double the bling.

To begin, you will need:

    • 1 foot of large rhinestone chain
    • 3 feet of curb chain cut into three pieces (two 12" pieces and one 10" piece)
    • 3 skeins of embroidery thread
    • scissors
    For the full how-to, descriptive photos included, go to Honestly WTF

       Here are some other alternatives from different blogs and websites to help inspire you.

      Have you tried making one of these before? We would love to see it if you have.

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