Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The polka-dot Big Bang

At Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, the artist Yayoi Kusama had the great idea of recreating different rooms of a house, all painted in white.

Afterwards, for a few weeks, she gave coloured stickers out to the youngest visitors so that, using their imagination, they could take part in the transformation of this blank canvas.

Via Colossal
The result is spectacular, don't you think? A real explosion of colour and energy. And I can just imagine how much fun the little artists had with the stickers!

The installation is called The Obliteration Room and forms part of the Kusama "Look Now, See Forever" exhibition that you can catch at the Gallery of Modern Art until 11 March. 


Saturday, 28 January 2012

Same, same but different: magazines

It's nice to find interesting things to read so today we bring you a selection of magazines that are a little bit different to the usual ones you find. You can buy a lot of them at larger newsagents and some are even available online and can be read for free. Each offers a different perspective on the usual topics you see in more well-known magazines.

Cut magazine (German but does have some articles in English)



Have you heard of them before? Which magazines do you like reading most? Are there any others you would add to this list? Let us know!


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Success at the sales

I was very lucky in the sales on a recent trip to London so I thought I would let you all know what I found in case you are still on the hunt for some bargains (and you like what I bought, otherwise this won't be much use to you ;)).

First up, after a visit to the Saatchi gallery to marvel at some art, we popped into nearby Zara where I saw these boots I had spotted before Christmas...now reduced to £20 (from about £60 I think).

Next we went into Comptoir des Cotonniers (where I’ve never bought anything because it’s usually too expensive) and my sister got this really nice jacket reduced from £160 to £60 and I got this skirt reduced to £33.

Aside from that, I stocked up on winter warmers from Uniqlo in the shape of two long-sleeved thermal tops from their heat tech range reduced to £9.90 and a cashmere crew neck jumper reduced to £39.90 (from £80ish) to stay cosy.

When I was in Edinburgh over Christmas, I also found this Pins and Needles coat reduced to £40 from £140 in Urban Outfitters. It makes me feel a wee bit like Sherlock Holmes with the funny cape attachment but I like it.

Have you found any goodies? Please share if you have...not that I need any encouragement to hit the shops.


Saturday, 21 January 2012

Our first blogiversary and giveaway

Our blog is 1 year old today! To celebrate, we’re hosting a giveaway and we would love it if you all took part. It's our way of thanking you for our first year, and we hope there will be many more to come.

Up for grabs is a tote bag hand-crafted by our good selves, a lovely book by design studio Sukie with plenty of beautiful illustrations for you to transfer onto fabrics, and our trademark polka-dots had to feature somewhere so we're also throwing in two sheets of polka-dot paper complete with two labels :) 

To enter, you must:

- Be a follower of the blog and like our page on Facebook (find the links on the menu to the right).

Leave a comment on this post telling us:
      + The kinds of posts you like reading most (design, DIY, photography, recipes, fashion, etc.)
      + Your name and e-mail address (or a link to your blog where we can find your contact details)

For extra chances at winning, retweet the following: “Enter the @PDlighthouse 1-year blogiversary #giveaway http://polkadotlighthouseuk.blogspot.com/2012/01/our-first-blogiversary-and-giveaway.html” or post a link to the giveaway on Facebook mentioning us so that we know you've done it :)

You have until 9am (GMT) on 20th February to enter and that same day we'll publish the final list of participants. The winner will be picked at random on 21st February. The giveaway is open worldwide.

Good luck!

Carla and Olga

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

On getting back and gifts

Those of you who have been following me on Instagram will already know that I've been away travelling for quite a few days. I had a great time and I'm back now full of energy to make 2012 a great year!

Before I catch up on all of my favourite blogs, I wanted to tell you that last month I took part in the excellent project that Carmen of Spanish blog Mi Low Cost organised - a secret santa swap between bloggers. It was a great experience.

I prepared my gift with a lot of love...and I think that the blogger who got it liked it ;)

Just the day before I went on my travels, I received a great surprise all the way from Canada. It had so many little details, I was so impressed. And for everything I have to thank the magnificent IĆ«la of the Spanish blog Cultura Femenina - an incredibly inspiring blog that I recommend you visit :)
I thought it was a great idea and I was very excited to see how somebody who doesn't know you personally can show so much care and get a present so right. 

To make the January blues easier to bear and because we like celebrating, we are preparing some gifts that we'll be telling you more about in the next few days. Our lips are sealed until then ;)


Monday, 16 January 2012

To do list for 2012

novel. by jonathan vdk on Flickr.

1. Read more.

2. Procrastinate less.

3. Learn to drive (a long overdue task).

4. Get to the stage where I can do this at yoga.

 untitled by luz de luciernaga on Flickr.

5. Learn how to take good photos.

6. Do more creative activities.

Time will tell if I can stick to these but here's hoping I do. What about you? Have you got any things you want to do this year that you didn't manage to do last year?


Monday, 9 January 2012

Pick 'n' Mix: every cloud has a silver lining

After our extended Christmas break, we decided to resume posting with a Pick 'n' Mix featuring a heavenly selection. There's something magical about clouds, don't you think?
3. Bag
6. Lamp by Zhao Liping
7. Purse

What do you think?

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