Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Pick 'n' Mix: Gifts made of wood

Today is launch day! We'd like to introduce you to our new Pick 'n' Mix section. Every month, we'll open a wee window to the little treasures we go fishing for on the Internet, and they'll all have one feature in common. In this first post, we've kept to a very natural selection that adds a touch of warmth to any setting - six products made of wood that have won us over because of their design or originality. We hope you like the idea!
1.   Pine Muuto Lamp, the perfect contrast to a technological desk.
2.   Engraved birch coasters, a sophisticated touch for your afternoon tea.
3.   Wooden blocks sporting personalised messages from Wood & Wool Stool.
4.   Owl clock by Decoylab, you won’t miss your cuckoo clock with this one.
5.   Oak Danish birds, the head tilts to the angle you prefer.
6.   Bring the forest indoors - vases carved from tree trunks from Souk Shop.


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