Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Pick 'n' Mix: Was it Colonel Mustard?

Autumn officially arrived today. If the seasons came in a different order, I might like autumn more but the fact it takes the summer away from us in the blink of an eye does not amuse me very much. Nevertheless, autumnal colours are irresistible - browns, golds, yellows...and of course, the 'in' colour of mustard - the protagonist of this month's Pick ‘n’ Mix:
1. Necklace by Prettythingsbymeg
2. Jar by Orla Kiely
3. Mustard Holga
4. Hat by Topshop
5. Monkey by WereRabbit
6. Sofa from UO

Do you like these shades or do you think they are a bit out there? What is your favourite season?

Happy autumn!



  1. great finds! i don't think i like yellow but mustard i could do! it's funny because i'm pretty sure anthropologie had a similar necklace but of course it cost like...a million dollars

  2. Glad we could help point you towards a more affordable option for necklaces :-)


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