Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Camping in style

Summer is in full swing and I'm sure many of you are either filling up or emptying your suitcases because holiday season is almost here! I still have a month to go so I will just have to make do with one or two virtual trips. Like camping in the middle of the forest beside a like for example, how idyllic! But of course it would have to be in a beautiful tent like one of these from Field Candy that would make me forget about midges or mosquitos and back pain ;-)

Refreshing watermelon tent.

Imagine camping out at a music festival in one of these. You would certainly never lose the way back to your tent, it would stand out so beautifully amongst a sea of Quechuas.

Or these granny camping ones with patchwork included
For those of you who will still be working through this month, we feel your pain but you can do it! Just think that when the holidays finally arrive you'll really make the most of them ;)



  1. I love those Field Candy tents. They look brilliant. I just bought a new tent though so can't really afford one of these! x

  2. Aw shame! I didn't have plans to go camping but wouldn't mind the excuse to buy these now...any one of them! Thanks for your comment, Jen :)

  3. I actually hate camping but I am sure having a cool tent like this would have made it better lol.

    Little Pink Strawberries

    1. Thanks for your comment, Noor, and your blog is very interesting by the way!


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