Friday, 16 November 2012

DIY coasters

You might remember around this time last year we wrote a post about how to sew your own beautiful apple-shaped coasters. If sewing isn't your bag, maybe painting and spray-painting are. We recently stumbled across this lovely DIY on Penelope & Pip which shows you how to make colour-blocked coasters.

Basic wooden coasters seem quite easy to find in the shops or even charity shops and this is the perfect way to jazz them up for your own home or even to give as a gift. There's some big event coming up at the end of December, might be handy for that.

You can find the How-To for this over on Poppytalk where it was featured in a very nice Zine. We recommend taking a flick through it for other interesting ideas.

You will need:

wooden coasters
paint suitable for wood (in several or just one colour)
gold spraypaint
clear varnish
masking tape
a brush 
some paint containers

Method (see the Zine for pictures to go with these instructions):

1. Place masking tape diagonally across each coaster then paint one half of the coaster with the colour of your choice.
2. Once dry, paint on a second layer to make it more durable.
3. Once the second layer is dry, place the masking tape over the part you just painted so that you can spray the other half of the coaster gold. Make sure the first half is completely dry otherwise the paint will come off with the masking tape.
4. Spray away! You can also spray the underside of the coaster.
5. Once dry, cover the coasters with some clear varnish to make them nice and hardy.

They don't seem too tricky or time-consuming and look great. Will you be giving these a go?


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