Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Let’s colour!

The Let’s colour! project run by British brand Dulux is a social initiative that aims to transform dull, grey spaces into areas bursting with vibrant colours. It’s been going since March 2010 and has already brought colour to the streets and squares of all five continents. In cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Paris, London, Jodhpur and Johannesburg, locals rolled up their sleeves and got involved with the project, which in turn has helped to create a sense of community, something so often missing from big cities.

The photos on their Flickr page are amazing but this short film by the Director Adam Berg is even more impressive. Using stop motion, the film shows the work carried out by a total of 650 people over six months in real-life locations.

On a grey day like today, which city wouldn’t benefit from a little colouring in?

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