Friday, 7 October 2011

Counting sheep in Madrid

Yesterday, calle Serrano was transformed into the luxurious setting for the Campaign for Wool, which is being celebrated in Madrid this week.
The campaign was launched by the Prince of Wales in January 2010 and involves various industries. After its success in the UK, it has come to our city to protect the natural and sustainable origins of wool and all of the goodness this material offers. Several businesses on this street in Madrid signed up to the project by decorating their shop windows for the occasion and offering woollen products.
Yesterday was the big day with a spectacular display designed by Estrella Archs and The Universe Studio that wrapped us up in clouds of wool and playful cats. And we were there to capture the moment as you can see in these photos: 

We didn't get to see the sheep they brought to Plaza de la Independencia but we're sure it must have been very funny to see them right next to Puerta de Alcalá.
In our minds, there's nothing better than a natural, sustainable and renewable product to keep us warm. What do you think? What do you make of this project? Do you tend to wear woollen garments?


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