Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Going back to "school"

It doesn't seem like Autumn has quite reached us yet so I'm also delaying going back to "school". And I say going back to school because although it has been several years since I've set foot in a classroom, I still think the year starts after the summer. New ideas, new projects, a time of change and a certain eagerness to reorganize my wardrobes. Do you find the same thing at this time of the year?

Going back to school of course means renewing your school kit...If you like anything that has to do with paper and pens as much as I do but you've run out of excuses for being able to buy them, we'll leave you with this selection of ideas so that it can continue to have a place in our lives :)

Making something for yourself...
DIY pencil necklace from Minieco

For the home...

Pencil bench by Boex seen on Design Milk

Sculpted crayons by Diem Chau via Beautiful Decay

Or for the garden...
Impressive flame-shaped sculptures by Herb Williams via Colossal



  1. Those crayons are so creative and clever! xoxoxoo

  2. Hi! Just got your comment! Thank you for visiting me! You should definitely get those Zara bags...I ordered the blue one. Before, they don't ship to US and now I'm so glad they do now! xoxoxoxoo

  3. Hello again :) I just looked the bag up on the website, it's very nice...might be tempted to get it soon. Thanks again for your comments.


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