Monday, 16 January 2012

To do list for 2012

novel. by jonathan vdk on Flickr.

1. Read more.

2. Procrastinate less.

3. Learn to drive (a long overdue task).

4. Get to the stage where I can do this at yoga.

 untitled by luz de luciernaga on Flickr.

5. Learn how to take good photos.

6. Do more creative activities.

Time will tell if I can stick to these but here's hoping I do. What about you? Have you got any things you want to do this year that you didn't manage to do last year?



  1. Nice!
    I've got my own 2012 to-do-list:

  2. Thanks for your comment. We like your list too. Calling it a to-do-list makes it seem less daunting, doesn't it? ;)

  3. Hello, I've only recently discovered your blog and just noticed your resolutions which are practically the same as the resolutions I've made every Januray for about the past 5 years!

    I think I'm going to enjoy following your blog, just noticed you made bokeh filters this time last year which is something I've recently discovered too!

    Nice to come across a fellow creative person!

    1. Hi Lyndsey, thanks so much for your comment! We're very glad you found us :) Funny you have had the same resolutions...maybe 2012 will be the year you can tick them all off.


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