Wednesday, 18 January 2012

On getting back and gifts

Those of you who have been following me on Instagram will already know that I've been away travelling for quite a few days. I had a great time and I'm back now full of energy to make 2012 a great year!

Before I catch up on all of my favourite blogs, I wanted to tell you that last month I took part in the excellent project that Carmen of Spanish blog Mi Low Cost organised - a secret santa swap between bloggers. It was a great experience.

I prepared my gift with a lot of love...and I think that the blogger who got it liked it ;)

Just the day before I went on my travels, I received a great surprise all the way from Canada. It had so many little details, I was so impressed. And for everything I have to thank the magnificent IĆ«la of the Spanish blog Cultura Femenina - an incredibly inspiring blog that I recommend you visit :)
I thought it was a great idea and I was very excited to see how somebody who doesn't know you personally can show so much care and get a present so right. 

To make the January blues easier to bear and because we like celebrating, we are preparing some gifts that we'll be telling you more about in the next few days. Our lips are sealed until then ;)


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  1. thank you for letting us know. I like the socks, it's cute, yellow and polkadot! and what is the Apple? cute too. I just have to head there. xo, Nataya


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