Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Hotel Haiku

While browsing the internet the other day in a "wishIhadenoughmoneytoaffordthat" state, my condition was made no better by Hotel Haiku - an excellent website full of interesting hotels and notels all over the world. It is written and curated by Garri Rayner who came up with the word notel to describe an "exceptional, often architecturally designed, holiday and vacation rental property that draws inspiration from the design hotel phenomenon".

The descriptions for each hotel and notel are expressed in haiku...hence the name Hotel Haiku.

Just look at these photos...

 Landscape Hotel, Norway
And the Haiku to go with this image...
Let nature greet you
As the outside comes inside
Seven detached rooms

(source: Hotel Haiku)

Nesting with the birds
In the forest canopy
Where tree lovers flock
(source: Hotel Haiku)

Mountains wraparound
Four sumptuous cottages
Perched on a ridge
(source: Hotel Haiku)

Don't all these places look amazing? I had to stop myself from posting every single one of them. If only it were possible to be a lady of leisure wot lunches and dines to her heart's content. One day, maybe. One day. And until then, I can always keep looking at sites like this for inspiration, no harm in that yeah?



  1. I do this all the time! These places are off to check out more!x

  2. Genial, Carla, ¡me encantan todos!
    Mua, Marta

  3. lovely! love the concept with nature :)

    btw, that third hotel you listed up is actually from norway. I've been there :)

    1. Woops, thanks for pointing that out Isabel (just changed it!) Did you enjoy your stay there? It must have been lovely. Thanks for your comment :)


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