Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Rhapsody in Blue to animation

Have you ever watched a live classical music performance that was accompanied by a fireworks display and all the explosions and bursts of colour seemed to match the music perfectly? I'm thinking in particular of the concert at the end of the Edinburgh festival but I'm sure you'll have seen something similar in your respective countries. And if you haven't, take a look at this video, which follows the same idea but with illustration instead of fireworks. The animation is so well timed to the music, it's hard to take your eyes off it. 

Have you seen this DIsney film? I came across it purely by chance and although I recognised the name (Fantasia 2000, a sequel to Fantasia 60 years after) I had never seen it before.



  1. that last night sceen, and that little girl being dragged to all those classes...this is so stunning and was the perfect start to my morning so thanks for sharing!x

  2. So pleased to hear it got you off to a good start this morning, Rebecca. The wee girl is a good character and I totally agree with you about the night nice and twinkly!x


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