Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The art of arranging

Those who know me will laugh at the title of this post because if I'm good at one thing it's leaving things untidy. I've always been fascinated by people who have a gift for automatically putting everything back in its place, almost without realising they do it. I try over and over again - I promise I really make an effort - but after a couple of days my surroundings rebel and the chaos returns. That's how my major victim describes it, who despite trying his best hasn't managed to transmit his clothes-go-to-the-wardrobe-and-not-to-compete-with-Everest superpowers to me. So when I saw these images from the book The art of clean up by Swiss Ursus Wehrli, I felt a mixture of admiration, jealousy and yearning. The author dedicated his time to collecting different everyday situations and objects and arranging them as if they were mini armies. 

Making of of these two images

The images are spectacular but let's be honest, a world as organised as this wouldn't be as exciting, don't you think? ;)



  1. I agree, the world would be a bit boring if pre sorted in this way. But the pictures are fascinating. And thanks for the post, I may have found a gift for my mother in law.

  2. Hi Raphaele, thanks for your comment. Glad to provide you with gift ideas too!


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