Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Instagram and friends

We're back, fully recharged and with lots to tell you! How was your Easter? We hope you had lots of fun. I managed to escape to the seaside and made the most of it to rest, take hundreds of photos with my camera (the latest Double Exposure is nearly here!) and with my mobile, as those of you following me on Instagram will have seen.

This great app was released for Android just last week. Finally! I am delighted because it will bring new additions to the Instagramer family. In case any of you haven't heard of the app, it's a social network where you can share photos you previously apply a filter to that gives them a certain vintage feel. It has been a complete success amongst millions of iPhone users and now it's waiting to steal the hearts of the Androideans ;)

And of course a whole host of other websites have have been created by the minds of geniuses to make the most of Instagram's appeal. Here are our favorites:

1. Postagram
Are you on holiday wanting to send a postcard feauting your favourite photograph from the trip? This app is extremely easy to use, all you have to do is choose a photo and personalise it with your message. Postagram takes care of the rest. Delivery to Europe costs $1.99 and in a few days the addressee will receive a little surprise in their mailbox. Pretty good, non? I’ll show you mine as soon as I borrow it from the owner.

2. Stickygram
By now you should know how much we like magnets around here and that's why Stickygram is one of my favourites. In just a couple of clicks, you can turn your photos into magnets. Delivery is free worldwide and the set of 9 magnets costs $14.99 - a very reasonable price. You can do themed sets like I did with this heart one and send them gift wrapped to someone else including a personalised message.
Plus, until the end of April, they're offering a 15% discount if you enter the code HELLOANDROID

3. Casetagram
Die-hard fans can even display their Instagram photos on their iPhone cover. The cover costs $34.95 (delivery costs included) and you can create your own collage to make a real work of art, as you can see in these examples:

4. Canvas pop
This website turns your Instagram photos into framed canvasses to beautify your home. Prices start at $39.99 for 30 x 30 cm and you can choose a black or white frame. At the moment, they don't deliver to Europe but they've told us they are in the process of arranging that so you'll have to keep an eye out. I am very keen to try this one out!

What do you make of these ideas? Will you be signing up to any of them? And what about Instagram - do you like the immediacy of sharing your life in images or do you prefer photos that are taken with more care and post-processed?

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