Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A house with a view

This unique building is a house located in Kyoto, Japan, designed by Hideyuki Nakayama Architecture.
The “O House”, so called because of the way the kitchen, dining room and bathroom are arranged on the ground floor, is built over two storeys and, strange as it may seem, is the family home of dezain.net's Editor-in-Chief, Eizo Okada, his wife and two children.
The most striking part of the house is the main façade, which is made up of a floor-to-roof glass pane spanning both storeys. It makes the dwelling seem almost like a doll’s house. Outdoor light is controlled, and privacy from prying eyes is granted, by a huge curtain made from a single piece of translucent fabric. At night-time, when the lights are on inside, the house appears to be glowing due to the slight transparency of the curtain material.
We’ve no idea how practical it would be to live here but who says originality doesn’t come at a price?

The photos speak for themselves. 


1 comment:

  1. Nice but it looks more like an oversized wendy house


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