Friday, 18 March 2011


Swedish Mary Poppins

I’ve just been having a play around with Polyvore, a site that allows you to create your own outfit sets, art sets and even interior design sets. It’s quite good fun, I did the outfit set above although I seem to have picked out all the expensive items so I won’t actually buy any of this, I’ll just look at it for inspiration :). For some reason, I was drawn to yellow and blue and because of the brolly and the laced heels I started to think about Mary Poppins - hence the Swedish Mary Poppins look! I’m sure it’ll be all the rage next season ;).  



  1. This is fun! I just opened an account and made up a set myself ;)

  2. Good work Elia! I like your Friday afternoon outfit. It is fun isn't it ;) Maybe a little too distracting actually...


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