Friday, 4 March 2011


It’s almost the weekend so I thought I’d share a tutorial for making an original gift bag for wine bottles just in case you happen to be heading round to a friend’s house for din dins and want to take them something.

You will need:
  • Some nice and fairly stiff material.
  • Thread and needle/sewing machine.
  • A piece of ribbon.
  • Any other accessories you might like to add, e.g. badges, pins, brooches, beads, anything!

Step 1
Cut out your fabric so that it fits around your wine bottle plus a little extra allowance to cover the top of the bottle and to make the seam (around 3cm).

Step 2
Fold your fabric in half to make a rectangular shape and sew along the bottom and side, leaving a slight margin.

Step 3
Now slip the wine bottle into the bag and tie around the neck of the bottle with a ribbon and voila - your bottle of wine is all dressed up and ready for the weekend!

Have a good one :)


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