Friday, 1 April 2011

Go potty!

With Spring upon us, it’s time to sort out the garden and get planting so what better way to start than to spruce up some of your plant pots!

Winter was harsh on a few of my terracotta pots and they’re all looking a bit worse for wear. My plan is to clean off any mould and give the pots a new lease of life by following the tutorial at the end of this post. That way they’ll be ready to grow me some lovely fresh herbs and look good at the same time ;) 

A crafty friend of mine made me some really nice pots which inspired me to write this post. Using scraps of fabric and PVA glue, she made this:

You simply coat the outside of the pot with PVA glue and take scraps of fabric (or you can also use paper) and start to stick them on. You could also finish off the top with some varnish if you wanted to protect it a bit more. I think it looks really effective and it made a great gift, I was over the moon to receive it. If you don’t have any fabric, you could paint your pots following Design Sponge’s tutorial here to produce lovely pots like these:

I think these will make your garden/balcony look really fun and you can experiment with lots of different shapes and colours for a variety of styles. 



  1. Lovely Potty Carla! I want one for my balcony! XoXo :)

  2. What a cute and fun DIY! I love the polka dot pot!

  3. Polka dots are a favourite on here, Kristi, glad you like the DIY :)

    Macarena, show us the results if you get round to making one of these pots - we'd love to see them!

    Thank you both for stopping by!

  4. A few precious flower-pot stands!!
    It will use the idea. A greeting

  5. What a fab crafty friend you must have! The pots look amazing if I do say so myself. Great page for getting some ideas. Hope your well, see you soon xxxx

  6. Laboratorio de ideas - hope you have fun making these!

    And should be proud of these pots - they are quite the masterpiece! Hope you and the bambino are doing good x x x


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