Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A-Z Barcelona Jumping Project

Today we’d like to tell you about a project run by Ana of Fácil y Sencillo, one of our favourite blogs. Some of you might already know about it since it’s been talked about a lot on the blogosphere, but it’s always nice to look through it again, isn’t it?
It’s a photography project entitled “A-Z Barcelona Jumping Project”, which was originally part of a local photography course. A letter of the alphabet appears in each photo together with a person jumping and each letter also represents a place or an action related to Barcelona.
The project is bursting with joy and colour and shows the very photogenic centre of this city in an original way. Take a look at it here and tell us which your favourite letter is. Mine is the “F for flowers” and the “T for tiles” but all of them have made me smile.

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