Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Customise your walls

Using wallpaper to decorate our homes is back in fashion. There are a whole host of designs, possibilities and brands to suit everyone's tastes, but the one we're showing you today goes one step further. This wallpaper made by Znak can be completely customised and is also very easy to apply.

You stick it, paint it and then tear off sections to create the shapes you like the most. Even the youngest in the house can get involved in the decorating, as we can see from the photos, they might even come up with their own Picasso.

The end result is lovely and above all, unique! Don't you think?

{Seen at design milk}
Have a good week or, for those of you lucky enough to be reading the blog from some idyllic beach somewhere, enjoy your holidays!



  1. uy, que buena idea esas pegatinas, sobre todo para usarlas en alguna reforma cuando las paredes estén con muchos defectos y no queramos gastar mucho en alisarlas y que no se noten. :)

  2. Genial, muy original. Un beso desde Murcia.

  3. Muchas gracias por vuestros comentarios :)

  4. Me encanta todooo!!!
    Buenas ideas y buen gusto dan un resultado perfecto.
    Un saludo


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