Friday, 8 July 2011

Wish list

These are a few items I've had my eye on recently. I'm a big fan of the Fjallraven bags but there are so many nice colours to choose from that it's difficult to decide which one to get. The same goes for the Toms shoes. The variety is overwhelming for someone as indecisive as me. Maybe one day I will sit down and make a choice on both fronts.
What about you? Are you more decisive than me?



  1. Hello Carla and Olga:
    Decisions are of course very individual and no more so than when it comes to all matters personal. However, generally in life we have adopted the mantra that it is better to make a decision, for good or bad, than not to make one at all and continue to prevaricate.

  2. Dear Jane and Lance,
    You're very right! We should start following your advice :)
    Thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend!


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