Friday, 22 July 2011

Same, same but different: polka-dots

Having recently subscribed to Vogue magazine after finding a rather bargainous deal through Groupon, I was happy to receive the first issue recently and most pleased to read that polka-dots are going to be in this Autumn/Winter. I enjoy reading fashion magazines but am by no means a slave to trends. I think you're better off sticking to clothes that suit you and your shape and colours that flatter you without worrying too much about whether it's the season's must-have. I won't deny though that it's nice to hear that something you like anyway is going to be hitting the shop floors big style. As you know by the name of our blog, Olga and I are big fans of the spotty pattern so what better to feature in this month's 'same, same but different'?

The Nifty Fifties


  1. I loooove polka-dots too! and that red dress is so nice! I have a similar one in black.. but I still haven't found the opportunity to wear it this summer... I need to get out more!


  2. ADORE polkadots this season, utterly beautiful shots :) Thankyou for your sweet comments on my blog, just getting round to asnwering everyone eek! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  3. Aw! Im glad they are "in"...I'm also a big fan of polka dots! ;)

  4. Carol - No need to wait for a special event to wear that dress, it must be so pretty it deserves to come out of your wardrobe any time of day!

    Claire - Thanks for popping by, nice to find another polka dot fiend. :)

    Bea - Yes, it is good news, isn't it. We'll all be going polka dot crazy I think.


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