Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The apple of my eye DIY

Today we bring you a very autumnal DIY: apple-shaped coasters. We like them because they're so eye-catching and very easy to make. Plus they could make an ideal gift for Christmas, which is approaching way too fast. Don't you agree? I don't think you can beat a gift that's been lovingly made by hand and practical to boot :)

We took the idea from The Purl bee, and although we didn't find as brightly-coloured felt, we're very happy with the end result! 

Ok, let's let you in on the action...
Felt in different colours
White, black and red thread
Template (not needed if you're brave)
And that's it!

1. Using the template, draw your apple silhouettes out on the felt:

2. To make each apple, you will need two red parts, one white part, the pips, stalk and its leaf:

3. Once you've cut out the pieces, start to sew the white part onto the red part using small stitches and then sew on the pips (don't worry about the stitching showing on the back because we'll cover that up with the other red part):

4. Put the two red parts together, one on top of the other, and start to sew around the border with very small stitches. Leave the top of the apple to the end and before stitching up that section place the stalk and the leaf inside so that they stick out to the length desired and then you can finish sewing around the border of the red piece:

5. Lastly, trim the borders of the two parts to equal them out:

And then it's ready to welcome a delicious cup of tea (or a juice)!

What do you think? Will you be making handmade gifts?



  1. I love that glass in the 1st pic!

  2. Thanks - that's Olga's glass, girl's got taste! How interesting that you're part Cape Town part Edinburgh. Edinburgh's my hometown :)


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