Wednesday, 2 November 2011

In stitches

For a while now, I've been noticing cross-stitch things here and there on the internet and they have fascinated me. I'm not all that good at sewing but when I was quite young I actually made some pretty nice cross-stitch pictures :). I don't know if they were in or if my mum just liked them but as we all know everything comes back into fashion, one way or another... 

As a painted mural for a nice effect

As a personalised cover for your beloved iPhone 

Even as decoration for this refurbished wardrobe

You could also make unique cards using needle and thread

But my favourite idea added to my DIY inspiration list is this canvas with a super-sized cross-stitch pattern on it. What do you think? I would probably go for other colours and a different size but I promise to show the results if I still have the same knack I did aged 12... ;-)

Canvas by Jessica Decker



  1. El año pasado presenté a un concurso una propuesta que consistía fundamentalmente en utilizar el punto de cruz sacado al máximo de escala para el revestimiento de unos armarios...tiene infinitas posibilidades aún sin explotar!!!Sobre madera, metal, plástico....y el punto hecho con cuerda, cables....un mundo vamos,jajaja

  2. Gracias por tu comentario, Clara. Tu proyecto suena muy interesante :) ¡Nos has dado más ideas!


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