Tuesday, 24 May 2011

DIY: Create your own magnets

A couple of years ago, a few months before Carla moved away from Madrid, we intended to make some magnets inspired by this idea that I saw on Not Martha. It seemed that everyone had the same plan or something because we couldn’t find the glass pebbles anywhere so we had no other option but to keep the idea on the backburner.

The other day, by chance I came across these highly sought after pebbles and, since I had to dish out a few presents, I remembered the magnets. I got stuck into it and here’s how they turned out, let’s see what you think: 


- Flat-sided glass pebbles (in theory they sell them in any decor, gift or flower shop)

- White glue (PVA, or something that dries translucent)

- Circle magnets (or if you can’t find any, use adhesive magnetic tape like I did)

- That big bundle of magazines you've been hanging on to thinking they might come in handy at some point (their time has come)


1. Cut out small images, letters or colours that you like from magazines. I used a coin the size of the glass as a template.

2. Using the PVA, glue the image to the flat side of the glass pebble. Don’t be frightened, once it dries, it will turn transparent and shiny ☺. Leave to dry.

3. Cut a strip of the adhesive magnetic tape and stick it to the image. You can strengthen it using the PVA if you think it hasn’t stuck enough.

Now you’re all set to show off your fridge!

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  1. pero qué bonitos!!!te cojo la idea! qué chulosssssssss!!

  2. Es que esta Olga tiene mucho talento ;)

  3. Wou! Qué idea más chic! Me encantaron! Me fascina cómo se ven las imágenes amplificadas dentro de la bolita de vidrio pequeña! Un abrazo y felicitaciones!!! XoXo :)

  4. Gracias Macarena! Son como pequeñas burbujas de imágenes, verdad?

  5. Precioso!!!

    I love such an original DIY!!!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and become a follower, It is really sweet from you ;-)



  6. Thanks Eliana! It's a pleasure to follow your blog and thanks for finding and following ours :)

  7. una pasada todo, el blog, el post... todo!

  8. Muchas gracias María! Nos alegramos de que te guste y nos gusta mucho tu blog - te seguimos :)

  9. What a wonderful idea, girls!!!! Love it! :D


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