Friday, 6 May 2011

How does your garden grow?

All of the nice weather we’ve been having in the UK has been encouraging me to go out into the garden and get planting. Last year was the first year I gave gardening a shot, helped by this book which I got from a friend.

It really helped me get an idea of the basics and has lots of hints and tips. I managed to grow some nice herbs and even some tomatoes, leeks and green beans too. I tried growing garlic as well but I think the squirrels might have liked them because they’ve still not appeared a year on. I like watching the squirrels play around outside though so I won’t hold it against them.

This year, I bought some more tomato plants in different varieties.These three are Jamie Oliver plants – green zebra tomatoes, citrina tomatoes, and tomatoberries. I can’t wait to try them once they grow.

I’ve also potted some parsley, basil, sage, oregano and sweet peas. They still have a wee bit to go but I’ll keep you posted on their progress. Here’s what they look like so far:

I’d also like to plant some Chinese lanterns so that I can dry them and keep them for ages afterwards. For some reason, the ones I tried growing last year never surfaced...perhaps another favourite of the squirrels.

To brighten up the fence, I made this bunting. I wanted to get a mixture of different patterns but in the end I went for the same colour. I bought this tablecloth material at my local market and cut out triangle shapes that I then sewed onto a piece of string and nailed to the fence.

How have you brightened up your gardens/balconies/window boxes? 

All tips and ideas welcome!

Soon we'll show you the Mediterranean version of the PolkaDotLighthouse kitchen garden.



  1. I love Jamie Oliver and buntings, so I can't deny I'm in love with your garden ♥

  2. precioso jardín!
    I need this book!

  3. Gracias, me alegro de que os guste :) El libro me ha ayudado mucho aunque falta bastante para ser experta!

  4. I love the bunting and maybe found myself a project for the week.Also, the pattern around the pot! Did you do this too?

    For my herbs, I have a made a 'Herb Triangle' where you stack pots and plant the herbs on the different levels. It looked lovely to begin with, although now I think the pot could use a pattern around it.


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