Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Sew simple

Martena and Sissi (Photo: Munia Sbouri via Sweat Shop
In a recession, it’s clear that only the smart, like the protagonist of today’s post, succeed.

Martena Duss, a Swiss professional make-up artist living in Paris, had a Eureka moment when she realised she couldn’t use her sewing machine because people were constantly asking to borrow it. She found an interesting place to rent in her neighbourhood close to the trendy Saint Martin Canal and didn’t give it a second thought – she set up a “couture cafe” together with her Austrian business partner, Sissi Holleis. And that’s how Sweat Shop came into being.

For six Euros an hour, you can use one of the ten Singer sewing machines in the centre while you have a coffee or try one of the homemade sweet treats. In addition to the coffee, the rate includes technical and designer assistance. Five weekly workshops are also on offer for people to perfect their technique or get to know a local designer. 

We loved the idea, the vintage decor of the place and the fun the owners seem to be having with the idea. The project has had a lot of success in the fashion capital (they’ve even published a book). Don’t you think we should have more places like these in the UK?



  1. Vuestro blog es amor puro! y encima sois traductoras como yo!!! Me encanta!!! :)

  2. We're glad you like it Spanish Chick Abroad :) Interesting to hear you are a translator too!

    Hope to see you both around here again soon.

  3. Aw! I'm looking forward to moving back to the U.K soon, but I'm not having much luck jobwise! Visiting your blog is almost as good as being there! Besos from Spain!


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