Friday, 27 May 2011

Same, same but different: the floppy hat

Lately I've been daydreaming a lot about the summer holidays and wearing a big, wide-brimmed hat to protect me from the sun.

I really like the big floppy 70’s style hats that seem to be everywhere at the moment. The three individuals below carry off the look with a lot of pizzazz - especially the man. There’s something unconventional about the way he looks at first but also very stylish because he wears it confidently and looks so original. The lady at the top is Jazmine of Jazzabellesdiary whose style I really admire. She buys the majority of her clothes from charity shops and car boot sales and always manages to put them together so well that they look as if she paid a lot more for them. And Faye Dunaway just looks effortlessly and classically stylish wearing hers when they first became fashionable so that’s why she gets a look-in here.

I’ll be keeping my eyes open for a summery version to avoid a scorching. What about you? Will you be buying one?
Jazzabelles Diary

The Sartorialist

Faye Dunaway



  1. me compré el verano pasado un sombrero de este estilo para la playa, qué ganas tengo de ponermelo otra vez! love it!

  2. thank-you for mentioning me in your post, you are so kind! xx

  3. Hi Colores, I am also really looking forward to summer. Can't wait for some sunshine.

    Hi Jazmine - thanks for taking a look at the post :) Hats off to you!

  4. I think they look lovely, I have a staw type one and a floral one so far, But i can see myself having a little collection by the end of summer!

  5. Hi Chelsea, thanks for following our blog :) I'm still on the hunt for a good summery hat. I saw a few floppy hats in Primark that might do the trick but I wasn't sure about the gold thread through them. The search continues...

  6. Thats okay, thankyo very much for following me back! :)
    Oh I spotted those ones as well, Im not such a big fan of those although the floral one I purchased was from Primark for £3!!
    Good luck with your search


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