Friday, 3 June 2011

Bargain hunting and Anthropologie

Last week I met up with a friend to go for a coffee and although I intended to head straight home after and finish off some work I had to do, the weather was so nice and I was in such a good mood that I decided I’d be naughty and have a quick look around some of the shops. I started with the charity shops but had no luck there and that was when I remembered I hadn’t been to TK Maxx for a while. The leprechauns were looking down on me then (or should that be up?) because I found a few good things. There was one dress in particular that caught my eye and when I looked closer, I saw the tag said Anthropologie (Masscob designed the dress who are apparently from La Coruña, Spain. Two of my loves in one dress – Spain and Anthropologie!). I got a little bit excited and people must have thought I was odd for salivating at the sight of a dress but it said £198 on the Anthropologie tag and only £13 on the TK Maxx tag. Even though it wasn’t quite my size and the colour wasn’t very flattering, I bought it. What can I say? I get sucked in by a good deal and enjoy the challenge of making something suit me whether it wants to or not.

I plan to buy a bright belt to make it fit better around the waist and add a splash of colour. If I still don’t like the beige on me, I was thinking I could dye it a colour that doesn’t completely wash me out. As a Scottish, peely wally, freckly individual, beige and I have never been good friends. So I’m looking for advice – have any of you tried dyeing your clothes and how did it work out? The tag tells me this one is 100% viscose. Any idea whether that would cause any difficulties or if any particular brands of dyes are better? I’m also a tad concerned about the details on the shoulders and whether they would pick up the dye well. Any advice welcome!

P.S. for those of you living in Scotland, Anthropologie is opening a store in Edinburgh this month on George Street. The only other UK stores are both in London. I can’t wait for it to open in Edinburgh so I can go and ogle at the clothes every time I go home for a visit.



  1. Getting into TKMaxx is like treasure hunting! I simply love when I get in there and I leave all satisfied with a pretty little thing!! I would combine it with cool accessories instead of dying it, mainly cos dying it could stain your underwear. Beige doesn't suit me either, but i think that colour in this kind of dress looks fantastic! x

  2. Good tip, I never thought about the dye dying your underwear. I'm with you, part of the excitement of TK Maxx is the hunt! That's why I like charity shops too because you never know what you will find. I scoured the shops for belts yesterday and found a coral coloured one in Primark that could do the trick :) Hope you're having a nice weekend and nice to read your comments again. Besitos!

  3. Yes Carla, My sister years ago died some stuff and when you dye something and then wear it the dye can change the colour of your underwear and even stain your skin a bit, especially if you wear them in summer!! I have always loved TKMAXX, some things are awful, but some other are fantastic XD Besitos!

  4. this is fades and run over your clothes so badly!
    great post by the way1


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