Friday, 10 June 2011


Last week I went to see the degree show at Derby University and there were a lot of nice things on display, particularly from the Textiles Department. I will do my best to write a proper post about some of the work I saw but in the mean time I'd like to share these photos with you. True, they have nothing to do with the show but are fine examples of how textiles can be used in art and they amused me when I saw them.

These are from the ‘Nid de Poule‘ (pothole) project by Juliana Santacruz Herrera. Using colourful pieces of wool, she brightened up the streets of Paris giving cracks and holes in pavements a new lease of life and offering passers-by something to smile at.

Artist Inge Jacobsen is about to graduate with a degree in Photography from Kingston University in London. She takes high fashion images and likes to explore unconventional perceptions of photography by embroidering, cutting, and collaging. See her website for fully embroidered covers of Vogue. It must have taken her ages.

Inge Jacobsen
Lastly, I loved this when I saw it and I'm sure you'll appreciate it too if you ever watched The Cosby Show when you were little. Whoever started this Tumblr had a brilliant idea.

The Cosby Sweater Project
On the subject of art...and crafts in general, and for those of you still looking for something to do this weekend, why not attend one of the worldwide Etsy craft parties being held near you today. Find out more and get an Etsy Craft Party Kit here. It looks like fun. Enjoy your weekends!



  1. Hello Carla and Olga:
    Degree shows can be such a wonderful source of fresh ideas and new talent. We live for part of our time in Brighton and there is always something to stimulate, excite or just outrage at the many student shows that are held at the end of the courses.

    We have particularly been drawn to the work of Inge Jacobsen which you show here. This is definitely a different way of looking at photography and her technique does add another dimension to the subject being photographed. She must surely be someone whose work is going to become very familiar in the future.

    We have no idea quite how we have found you, but are so pleased that we have. Your blog is delightful.

  2. I've been invited to the Etsy Craft Party in Malaga but I cannot go because i have to work this evening! What a pity! :(

  3. Hi Jane and Lance, thanks for your comment and for discovering our blog. We loved reading yours.

    Aw, Bea, what a shame that you couldn't make the Etsy party. It just means you will have to have your own one another day!


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