Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pick 'n' Mix: Fruit cocktail

Summer is (finally) here. Warm, sunny days, the scent of holidays, terraces, beaches and swimming pools and plenty, I mean plenty, of fruit. Because this season's fruit is the tastiest, isn't it? On that note, we bring you June's Pick 'n' Mix - colourful, refreshing and packed with vitamins.
1. Banana-shaped doorstop from Momastore    
2.     Watermelon-shaped bowl for a sweet fruit salad from Pier1
3.     Chopping board complete with Vitamin C from UO
4.     Earrings from UO and The Tiny Fig
5.     Watermelon knife from Momastore
6.     Pineapple candle-holder from Habitat
7.     Notepads shaped like pears or apples from D-Bross
8.     Kiwi pin cushion from SeaPinks

And as a side portion, how about a virtual fruit salad wallpaper from the fantastic selection on offer at Simple Desktops:

Which fruit will you go for?



  1. Hello Olga and Carla:
    What a delicious fruit cocktail you offer your readers today. We love the creative ways in which fruit has been represented and the colours are, as you say, just perfect for summery weather.

    The title of your post took us back to the days of 'Pick n Mix' at Woolworths [a store sadly no more which used to be in almost every town in England]. There one could select from a lurid range of sweets, many made to look like fruit. All not nearly so healthy as the real thing!

  2. Ah Pick 'n' Mix at Woolies, yes fond memories here too! If only they would bring Woolworths back. We'll just have to eat real fruit in the mean time :)

  3. Yes!! I also miss Woolworths!!! The sweets, the huge chocolate tins, the cheap DVDS...it was really nice to go treasure hunting there too, especially in sales!!

    The Watermelon-shaped bowl is simply divine! I love it!

  4. such a cute and colourful posting!!!!


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