Friday, 24 June 2011

Same, same but different: hotels for Tarzan

Not long to go until holiday time and I’m really looking forward to a nice break and some sunshine. Speaking of holidays and places to stay when you’re abroad, I thought I’d make this month’s ‘same, same but different’ all about these amazing treehouse hotels in Sweden, India and France. How much fun would it be to stay in one of these? I might just have to pencil them in for next summer. All of them. I love them.

The last picture really reminds me of an imaginary world my friend Stephanie and I conjured up when we were in primary school with lots of little huts sitting in treetops. Granted, it was a world for aliens but I could happily see myself living in one of these treehouses. 

Would you like to spend your holidays somewhere different like this or would it give you a bit of vertigo? If you fancy staying in amongst the trees, click on the links below to find out more.

The Mirrorcube, Sweden
Kerala treehouse, India
Keycamp treehouse in the Loire, France


  1. They all look fab!! I would kill to spend a few days in there relaxing!! I really really need a holiday, it's funny but dealing with holidaymakers daily is hard work!

  2. qué ide amás original de pasar unas vacaciones no?un beso


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