Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Doily DIY

A while ago I saw a tutorial for this thread lampshade on Pickles and although I bought all the materials I needed, I've still never managed to set time aside to make it. Since then, I've seen several other similar ideas for making lamps like these in different shapes and sizes. They look excellent all clustered together as a unique light feature or even without the bulb inside just hanging from the ceiling (or like this). It looks fairly easy so there's really no excuse not to make it.

via Shannon South
I also really like this doily lampshade, which is made a bit like the one above - find the instructions here.

And for those of you that can crochet, why not have a bash at making one of these great rugs? Or you could just buy one here.

And the fun doesn't stop there, here's an idea for a nice vase at Country Living

Country Living
And lastly, to complete the doilification of your home, why not rustle up a nice doily table runner or glam up your mirrors with the help of a doily and some frosted glass finish spray.

Hope you can enjoy making some of these and have more success than me and my poor attempts at the lampshade!

Ashley Ann Photography


  1. usually I do not like crochet that much but used like in those pictureS IS SIMPLY LOVELY!!!

  2. Yeah, the ideas some people have are just great - makes you look at things differently! Thanks for your comment ;)

  3. Yes, I love the lampshades!! I tried to make one, it went straight into the bin, looked awful. It looked so easy...:-(
    I will try again once I get brave again!!

  4. Oh sorry to hear that...hope you give it another shot. Practise makes perfect ;)

  5. Love these images - makes me want to add these to my Sunday afternoon tasks. x

  6. I agree, these are all ideal Sunday projects!

  7. Such good ideas. I just found your blog and I love it! Thanks for the inspiration. And I will keep scorlling on these pages :-)

  8. Hi Marieke, Thanks very much, it's always nice to see new faces around here :) Hope you found more things you liked. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. I have gone doily mad as well - and have a post in the pipeline dedicated :) Just found your blog and I LOVE it - following you now, would adore it if you come and see me - perhaps you'll love what I do too :) Happy weekend.
    A xx

  10. Thanks Anya! Looking forward to reading your doily post :)


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