Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Recreating your home in 3D images

It’s already one year since we moved house. How time flies! And although all of the main furniture (most of which we had before and some new pieces) is already in its place we still have a few things to do: put a lamp here, hang up some pictures there, find a new table for the dining area… The adventures of dealing with an empty, and not very big, flat are exciting but exhausting at the same time. Measurements, distribution, will this fit here, or will it be better over there - it can be a real puzzle.
Most of our time was spent making decisions about the bedroom. Because of its limited dimensions, we couldn’t picture how a big bed and bedside tables would look in the space. A decorator friend of ours drew up some 3D images for us using the exact measurements and they were key to making our decision.
That’s why, when I recently started playing around with a new tool created by mydeco.com for designing 3D images, I was hooked right from the start. I tried to recreate my sitting room, and those of you who have seen my house will be able to vouch for the likeness. Ok, so I might have allowed myself a few treats like the Orla Kiely rug or a lovely Heal’s chair, which I don’t suppose I will ever get ;)

What I really wanted to see though was the effect of the table in the dining area which will be my next purchase. I wasn’t entirely sure if there would be enough space or how it would look with the chairs being white as well, and the 3D layout helped me make up my mind :). The tool is very easy to use and although I am no professional, the results, in my opinion, are great. Sometimes it did seem like the furniture moved out of its place on creating the 3D image but after a wee while it all went back into position. I think I over-worked the tool!

Using your floor plan, you can create your own room from scratch and personalise walls, floors, etc. with a whole host of finishes. What I liked the best was the fact you can add real furniture from shops you can visit with just one click and you can check their price, features etc. Isn’t that great?
There is also an extensive gallery of images that have been created using the tool to provide inspiration. Here are some of my favourites:

Just look at all the details you can add.
My next project is my balcony which needs a good going over and that I hope to add outdoor furniture to as well. 
What do you make of the 3D tool? Would you give it a try or are you more of the “can’t imagine it until I see it for real” variety?



  1. Great overview of the tool - thanks Olga and good luck with your balcony make over!


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