Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Pick 'n' Mix: Some little birds here, some little birds there

August, the month everyone looks forward to the most, is already upon us and I imagine a lot of you have already flown away to places just like the birds in this month's Pick ‘n’ Mix.

We're going to be here, there and everywhere this month, so we're going to reduce our posts to one a week and will get back to our normal posting routine come September.

We hope you like today's selection. Enjoy the outdoors and the good weather!

1. Beautiful picnic plate by Terrain
2. Turquoise laptop bag by TrackandFieldDesigns
3. Lovely stackable cups at Dutch by Design
4. Double ring at Harvey Nichols
5. Birdy T-shirt by Karen Walker
6. Salt and pepper set also at Dutch by Design
7. Vintage-style boxes by Mothology



  1. I love bird print. Really liking your selection, favourite goes to number 1 - the plate, it is cute & just the right amount of quirky! x

  2. Fantásticas selección. Me pregunto por qué todavía no conocía tu estupendo blog,

    un saludo desde

  3. Thank you /Gracias for your nice comments. We're glad that you liked our new Pick n Mix! xxx

  4. Hola, gracias por pasar por mi blog, el tuyo está buenísimo mostrando las nuevas tendencias, desdo hoy me tienes como seguidora.


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