Thursday, 11 August 2011

Spot the difference

A few months ago, I showed you some of the plants I potted out in my garden and I’m pleased to say that they’ve grown, some more than others but the main thing is I didn’t kill them...yet. One of the tomato plants must be on steroids because it’s reached a colossal height whereas the other two are nowhere near as big. Only the giant tomatoberry plant has started showing signs of tomatoes so I hope that means a nice salad for me any day now :). The sweet peas have also turned out well and add some colour to the garden. As for the Chinese Lanterns, they’ve shown some progress but no sign of anything red on them yet.

The herbs and lettuce leaves are also taking their time so I think I might have done something wrong there since they should have grown pretty fast. I might have to start again with those and I’d also like to plant mint after spending time in Marrakesh this summer and drinking lots of mint tea, yummy! I’ve also heard it grows quite easily so that’s enough encouragement for me.

If you’re still looking for inspiration here’s a nice way to re-use plastic bottles over on Comparte tus ecoideas – a simple way to brighten up your garden or balcony.

How are your plant babies getting on? Any fruits of success yet?


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