Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hang on to that summer feeling

The summer holidays might be reaching an end but it’s always good to be prepared for your next trip so if you’re looking to update your luggage, here are some colourful ideas for you:

                         Eastpak                                                  Benetton                                         Roxy


I also love this suitcase for its brightness and traditional style combined with handy modern features although I might need to save up a bit before I can even think about buying it.

If, like me, you can’t splash out on new luggage right now, maybe you could update your existing bags by investing in these suitcase eyes from Japanese store Muji. The stickers are available at select stores and come in four different styles - Minako, Takeshi, Kokoro and Aiko. They would make me smile if I had them on my bags and would definitely make your luggage stand out from the crowd.

via lilsnob
I hope you enjoy the selection!



  1. Some great finds. I like the trunks, and I bet they're a bit lighter than the onbes you find in antique shops!

    Emily x

  2. Thanks Emily, yeah I'd hope that these would be easier to carry around than antique ones. The antique ones fit the bill for storage around the house though :)


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