Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Music and technology: a good combination

You wait ages for the holidays to come and then they're over in a flash! I'm just back from my first break and consoling myself with thoughts of the few more days I still have left for enjoying the summer in the company of good friends, so for now I won't complain ;)

To make this semi-return easier to bear, we'll start off with a burst of energy thanks to the guys from OK Go. They've astounded us again and to create their latest video All is not lost joined forces with Google Japan no less - sounds pretty good, doesn't it? And it is - the result is an excellent interactive video made in HTML5 that you can enjoy here with Google Chrome, as part of the experimental Chrome Experiments project. 

Promotional photo for the video All is not lost, 2011
We don't want to give away too much but the browser forms an additional part of the choreography in which the dancers don't stop moving their feet and that you can personalise with your own message...

We'll leave you with the normal video as well if you want to start revving up your engines:

OK Go were however not the first to redefine the musical experience with the help of new technologies. Arcade Fire already did it last year with a video clip that featured Google Maps. It was for Wilderness Downtown and you can see it here (in Chrome). In addition, the website also lets you write a message. Enter your address and prepare to be amazed!

A lot has happened since MTV launched with its first music video 30 years ago so we're happy to see music videos are also evolving at a good pace, don't you agree?


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