Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The 12 Days of Craftmas {3}: sweet garland

Today's installment is a delicious edible garland that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. It's incredibly easy to make and also looks fun and pretty. If you like the idea, we hope you'll give it a go yourselves!

You will need:

- Jute string (in my case, red)
- Biscuits with a hole in
- Candy canes
- A couple of drawing pins

1. Make the Christmas biscuits following your usual recipe but remember to make a small hole at the top of them using a Bic pen or a straw before you bake them. If it's already too late to get your rolling pin out, you can buy lovely biscuits in Ikea that they sell for hanging on the tree which are the ones we have used this time.

2. Once they are ready, thread them by making a small knot around each biscuit and make sure to space them out equally along the string. It's almost ready!

3. Finally, hang it on your wall and then hook the candy canes between each set of biscuits.

Could it be any easier? Warning: the smell of biscuits will invade your living room and will make it difficult to keep the garland up until Christmas ;).

We hope you like it.

See you tomorrow!


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