Friday, 9 December 2011

The 12 Days of Craftmas {1}: mittens

Every year, I decide months in advance that I will make interesting Christmas gifts for people. I always plan to be really organised (after leaving it too late the previous year) and then suddenly time vanishes and I realise I've got plenty of ideas but haven't actually made anything yet and it's only a few weeks to go till Christmas...and there are parties to go to, people to see, a house to decorate and mince pies to eat in between. In a bid to break this cycle, we are going to do a series of 12 posts on Christmas gifts you can make yourself (hopefully in time for Christmas) and we'll try to add one or two of our own projects to the mix. Fingers crossed this will help us start crafting and give you some inspiration too. There's no time like the present (geddit?) so let's kick off the series with this lovely tutorial from Etsy.

Visit this Etsy page for a nice breakdown of the instructions. It's fairly self-explanatory, just find an old and pretty jumper then trace your hand and stitch! If you wanted to, you could even find some nice fleecy material to line them and make them extra warm.

How are you at getting organised with these sorts of things? Have you got plans to make anything? Let us know where you found your inspiration or share your ideas with us and we might even include it in this series of posts. We've got a really nice tutorial planned for the next post in the series so stay tuned!

Have a nice and crafty weekend :)



  1. EEP! Sounds like me :P I hope you get caught up! This mitten project is too cute. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for your comment, so glad I'm not the only one leaving things to the last minute! Glad you liked this tutorial, we'll have another one coming soon. :)


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