Saturday, 17 December 2011

The 12 Days of Craftmas {5}: tissue paper lamp

Our marathon of pre-Christmas tutorials continues. We hope you're enjoying them. Today's tutorial makes a perfect gift for the home. It's a very special candleholder made with tissue paper that we saw on the Hey Gorgeous blog and that we thought was just perfect! 

- Glass vase
- Metallic silver tissue paper
- Craft punch
- White glue and container
- Paintbrush

1. Start by punching the medallion shapes out of the paper (several layers at a time). Depending on the size of the vase, you might need more or fewer medallions but you will need quite a lot. Rhi suggests around 75-100 per vase:

2. Prepare the glue mixture. Add a little water to a cup filled with glue until it has the consistency of milk:

3. Using the paintbrush, paint a good layer of glue around the outside of the vase and start attaching the medallions (you will need to start and end with a layer of half medallions along the top and bottom of the vase for a neat finish). It's a delicate task because you have to make the circles match up to give the design shown in the photo:

4. Leave it to dry completely before putting a candle inside and you're done!

Photos: Hey Gorgeous
Don't you think it gives a lovely effect when it's lit up? It would also look really nice as a centre-piece on your table to make your Christmas lunches and dinners more special. Who's up for making this?



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