Wednesday, 7 December 2011

How to make your gifts more special (than they already are)

I'm sure that many of you have already dusted off your Christmas decorations and made the most of your weekend to give your homes a seasonal make-over. I'm still working on it because I don't like to rush things and although I don't have a Christmas tree, I do like filling the house with special details for this time of year: fairy lights, garlands, hangings, candles, sweets...And since there's no Christmas without gifts, today we'd like to show you a selection of free printables to make your gift wrapping outshine even the lights on the tree.
Reindeer gift tags from Eat, Drink, Chic that you can download here.

To decorate your Christmas treats, download these tags from Bake it Pretty
Christmas doesn't just have to be about mince pies :)

Another set of my favourite tags from Haciendo el indio in a beautiful range of colours.
 These lovely designs can be found on Design* Sponge if you're looking for more of a vintage feel. You can print them on sticker paper to make excellent stickers.

And lastly, this delightful set from Fellowfellow, featuring nice wee bows that I love. 

We hope you like them and that they give you some ideas. We already talked about handmade gifts the other day - don't you think these tags would just be the cherry on top?


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