Thursday, 15 December 2011

The 12 Days of Craftmas {4}: paint-dipping and spray-painting

Following on from the dip-dyeing theme we talked about last month for cutlery, we thought we would make our next tutorial about dipping other items into paint or spray-painting them to create nice effects. Maybe you like to collect bric-a-brac items from charity shops or eBay and you'd like to know how to spruce them up and give them more of a modern edge to make a unique gift for someone. Look no further...these ideas we stumbled upon from A Daily Something are goodies :)

You will need:
- An object to dip
- Water-based acrylic paint (or oil based paint might work better)
- A clothespin
- String
- Container

1. Place paint into a plastic container that is a bit larger than the object you are dipping.
2. With the clothespin attached to the object, use it as a handle to lower the object into the paint. You could create a horizontal or diagonal line of paint depending on your preference.
3. Finally, hang your object (using the clothespin again) from a string to dry. Place a container underneath it to catch any drips.

...And yet another idea from the talented Rebecca is this spray-painted tray. All you need for this is a tray (or other object), some gold spray-paint and some masking tape to mark off the areas to spray. It looks great and would also be super fast to make.

Alternatively, you could use the above spray-painting technique on a leather clutch bag as seen on I spy DIY:

We hope you like these ideas!

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