Sunday, 18 December 2011

The 12 Days of Craftmas {6}: magnets

Today's tutorial couldn't be easier. This button magnet-shaped nugget of inspiration comes from Cintia of My Poppet. She also runs her own online shop Poppet in the post, which is full of lovely and colourful items (if you're still looking for gifts).

You will need:
- magnets
- a glue gun
- buttons

1. Once the glue gun is heated up, squirt a small amount of glue onto the magnet.
2. Place a button on top of the glued magnet (taking care not to touch any glue that might squeeze through the holes – don’t burn yourself please!).
3. Hold for 5-10 seconds.
4. Leave to dry et voilĂ !

You could make a whole collection of these and put them in a nice tin or box to give them as a gift.

Alternatively, you could make glass bead magnets like the ones we showed you back in May, and use images that are tailored to your gift recipient:

What do you think? Would you give this one a shot?


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