Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Feeling the love

We were recently awarded not 1, not 2 but...4 Liebster Blog awards. A little overwhelming but a very nice surprise indeed. Thanks to Hello Olive, It's all so Scarlett, Sarah-Rose Goes and Strebergarten for picking us. And while we're on the subject of awards, we also got a couple more for being an original blog and for being a creative blog from No me manches el suelo and Lo que ven mis ojos. Thank you!

'Liebster' loosely translates as 'favourite' or 'beloved' and the Liebster Blog award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers, making it a great way to find out about blogs you might not otherwise find.

The idea is that you comment on the blog of the person who awarded you by thanking them and also linking their blog, then select five of your favourite bloggers who have less than 200 followers and then notify them by commenting on their blog.

So without further ado our awards go to...



We went over the five blog limit but never mind, we had a lot of love to spread!

Carla and Olga


  1. Wow, loads of awards :-) Congrats again! x

    1. And thank you once again! We wouldn't have found Little Tree Designs if it hadn't been for your blog :) We also would have sent a Liebster award back to you but that's probably against the rules ;)

  2. Wow thanks ladies I am super flattered! I have done a quick post to thank you and link back here and I will post my list of 5 blogs (hard!) in a few days! Congrats on all the other awards!xxx

  3. enhorabuena y no te sorprendas, este blog es más que liebster Blog!! es super!

  4. Wow! You got 4 awards! Well done. They are really deserved. Your blog is beautiful.

    And may I take this opportunity to say thank you for mine! It really means a lot to me. I'm looking forward to getting to know the other blogs you have chosen.

  5. Wow 4 awards! And here I am chuffed with my first one :)
    Thank you so so much for honouring me with this gorgeous award xx


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