Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Lights, camera, love!

Today we wanted to share with you the work of a very special couple and their amazing videos. Matt and Julie are the two artists behind the creative studio Tiger in a jar, which I discovered some days ago via the blog Mi low cost (thanks, Carmen :)). 

All their work is wonderful, with great attention to detail and excellent taste. And on this special day we couldn't help but share with you this particular video that we hope will make you smile. Who knows, it might fill you with inspiration for a last minute surprise ;).

♥ Have a lovely day 


  1. Thank you for following and your lovely lovely comment on my blog! I love this little animation, there seem to be so many great ones around at the moment and I love the song too!x

  2. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for following us back and for your comment too :) Glad you like this animation!


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