Tuesday, 21 February 2012

You've won!

Oh the suspense, are you ready? We now have our giveaway winner!

Drumroll please...the prize goes to...

 ...which corresponds to the comment made by Mer of Windmill deco!

[Translation: Firstly, many congratulations on this year! And secondly, sign me up to your giveaway! I love everything! I like the DIYs and everything you post! A big kiss! Mer]

Congratulations Mer! We'll be in touch with you soon so you can let us know your address.

We hope you like the gift and that you make lovely things with the fabric transfers (and having seen your eye for these things, we're sure you will). It would be great too if you could share your creations with us here later :)

We hope this is just the first of many blogiversaries and lovely giveaways.

Thanks everyone for taking part!

Carla and Olga

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